We proudly use only the highest quality materials from industry leading manufacturers :
Asphalt Roofing Shingle
Architectural Shingle
BBP Custom Builders offers a variety of shingle styles to distinguish your home and express your individuality.Our dimensional shingles upgrade the look and curb appeal of your home without the high costs or liabilities associated with wood shakes. Made with a double-layer fiberglass mat for strength.Coated on both sides with weathering- grade asphalt and topped with ceramic mineral granules for excellent roofing protection. Features self-sealing asphalt strip for added wind resistance. Perfect for new construction or reroofing.
Three tab shingles
BBP Custom Builders also installs highest-quality 3-tab shingles, offering years of low-maintenance,economical roofing protection, including fire and wind resistance.Made with fiberglass mat for strength and tear resistance, self-sealing, square-tab design creates a smooth, crisp appearance,that will spice up any roof.
Backed by up to 30-year limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects.
Backed by Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects.
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